A few days into Hike 2013, beginning in eastern Nebraska. The next town was Randolph, where we parked Moby the motorhome for several days and  made a bunch of new friend. Now, on April 16, we’re based in O’Neill, as I walk through Royal, Orchard, Inman and finally, in a couple of days, O’Neill.




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Lincoln’s Packin’…HiS way.

We arrived in Sioux City two nights ago. For the moment we’re bunking in a pretty nice hotel on the Nebraska side, overlooking the Missouri River. Yesterday our Jeep Cherokee got outfitted with everything needed to tow it behind Moby, the RV.

I got my roots (referred to here as “new growth”) touched up by Madisen at the downtown branch of Belle Touche. It was impressive to find out that I was already in their system. Imagine that! I’m in a “system” in Sioux City, Iowa. That makes me happy.

Lincoln has gone totally local. He bought a shotgun while I was at the beauty parlor. (Does he have too much time on his hands, or what?) It seems Doug, at the RV place implied that Nebraska can be a dangerous place, and that I might need protecting. We shall see! And by the way, Doug lives in Iowa.

After letting the shock and dismay roll through, I had to wonder (after my question wasn’t satisfactorily answered) what Lincoln thinks he might do with this thing. Brandish it? Make it make that iconic click it emits when a round goes into the chamber? He refers to the purchase as a cultural experience. Like me going to the hairdresser?

Anyway, I packed days ago, and Lincoln just started pack’in.


It’s a “packerama” at my house, as Lincoln and I get ready to head out to Nebraska. I’m pretty excited about my bright red sports bra!



I’m packing. Well, I’m thinking about packing. I’m getting my gear sorted out for Nancy’s 2013 hike.  We plan to leave on April 1, driving from Massachusetts to South Sioux City Nebraska in 2-plus days.

Moby, our RV will be waiting for us. We’ll spend a couple of days at Little Sioux State Park, on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. We’ll do a marathon shopperama at Hy-Vee as well as check in with the decent wine shop across the river in Iowa.

I’ll be visiting the Sioux City Aveda salon for a roots touch-up. It’s the last beauty salon with Aveda products until Cody, Wyoming , 815 miles away.  This is one of the challenges of walking across American at the age of 67. Of course, I could be practical: chop my hair short and go stark white. But then not much about this journey is practical so why start with my hair!

Sioux City, 83,000 people strong, is the last metropolis of consequence we’ll pass through until Casper, the second largest city in Wyoming , pop. 53,000. Casper is 560 miles away. The largest town on the way to Casper is Chadron in western Nebraska…home to under 6000 hardy souls.

The road ahead is sparse and, not being into self-deprivation, I need to pack with care. And abundance. I will be amassing socks, underwear and vitamin supplements. A dozen or so of the latter: calcium, vitamin D, a joint compound, fish oil and the like. I need to stock up on anti-aging cream for my face, vanishing cream for my hands and a couple of gel foot products for bunions and corns. Oh, and let’s not forget extra reading glasses and hearing aid batteries.

I’ll need walking clothes for cold weather, hot weather, wet weather and everything in between. My shoe routine needs to be organized. When it’s cool, I alternate Lowa and Asolo boots with Smart Wool hiking socks.. For warmer weather I’m switching this year from Asic running shoes to Merrill walking shoes with a more stable sole. It seems that every time I stumble or fall, I’m wearing the ultra flexible running shoes. I’m hoping the Merrills will help me keep my feet firmly on the ground. I bought two pairs: regular and waterproof. It’s a mystery why the waterproof pair feels much better than the other.

I also have a new Patagonia down sweater, my main cool weather jacket. The zipper busted (too soon) on the marigold yellow one I’ve worn for the last two years. Patagonia has an iron-clad guarantee and they replaced it with an identical one in a better color with very sweet black zippers.

A friend gave me one of those watches that measures everything known to man.  I’ll know how many steps and miles I walked and if I’m getting a good cardio workout. I bought a new Lifeproof iPhone case.  Even this super-duper waterproof, shockproof case gets beaten up banging around in purses and pockets.  I need to stock up on auxiliary chargers. They wear out and become unreliable. I want to have ever-ready juice for my phone, though I expect there will places in the road where bars (the electronic kind) are few and far between.

Then there’s the office to-do list.  My mother’s estate is still being settled and there are loose ends after emptying her home of nearly forty years. It was filled with beautiful things. I’m integrating some of the treasures into my own life causing upheaval and chaos (physical and emotional) as objects are shuffled about.

My step-daughter and I just started a company to manage very special and unique small hotels. We have two new projects in the pipeline in addition to the two we currently own and/or operate. We have some 140 employees with all the responsibility and commitment that entails.  Homeland Security recently visited us and we lost several valued workers who deserved their jobs.

Obviously I have confidence in my team and I feel great about delegating. At my age, it’s a necessity. However, there are still things I have to do before ducking out for the first month and a half leg of this year’s hike.

You can follow Nancytakesahike on Instagram or Twitter.  I’m better at Instagram than Twitter but I’ll keep trying. My Facebook page also seems more dynamic and interactive than this blog but I’m going to try and improve this year!

Here’s to the road and my feet staying on the ground!


Check out my updated MAP…

I’ve spent the last couple of days updating the Map of my 2013 walk. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn close. Be sure to click on “Enlarge Map” if you want to see it better.


Greetings from Nebraska!

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Front Yards…

I walked through Wheatland, Iowa in Clinton County on August 28. It was very early in the morning and I was dazzled by the artistry, whimsy and elbow grease in many front yards. Not easy to take in with the camera however. 


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